The One Sided (Passing of the) Torch

As is traditional at (nearly) every Wrestlemania, Rob talks to James Caldwell of about one of the most extraordinary Wrestlemania weekends ever. 

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The Showstopping One Sided Ring

In the week of Wrestlemania, who better to make his OSR debut than Mr Wrestlemania himself, Shawn Michaels. 

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The One Sided…in association with Montpierre Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (Two for eight quid at Sainsbury’s)

Rob is joined by Joel Ross, fresh from the supermarket (aisle 9 - wines and spirits) and equipped with bargains, opinions and unnecessary grudges. They cover everything from the Rumble, Mania, Daniel Bryan, Sting, Roman Reigns, Ultimate Warrior, Triple H, Kharma, TNA tours, Money in the Bank, CM Punk and various other pieces of nonsense that have nothing to do with wrestling. Or, at least, Rob can't work out the analogy being presented to him. Anyway, enjoy. 

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The One Sided Ringside….with Jim Ross

Rob talks to Hall of Famer Jim Ross about his spoken word shows, new ventures, Royal Rumble memories, the challenge of calling the Rumble match, this year's event and more.........including, of course, BBQ sauce. 

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OSR: One Shall Return

Miss me?

Rob explains his absence, plus trails three future special guests. Plenty of Rumble/Mania chat too. Nice to be back...
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WWE Battleground preview

Rob previews WWE Battleground

Apologies for the poor sound quality on this podcast. Won't happen again. 
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Night of Champions preview

Rob previews WWE Night of Champions 2013. 

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The Good Ole One Sided Ring

Wrestling legend Jim Ross joins Rob to talk Summerslam '13 and his upcoming UK spoken word tour. 

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Money in the Bank preview

Rob previews Money in the Bank 2013.

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The Old School One Sided Ring - Payback Time

Rob discusses the WWE Payback PPV this Sunday, with the help of The Million Dollar Man channelling 1990s sitcoms; a power struggle over the news; and redneck cider adverts.

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